Fixed Time Trades

This trading mode lets you focus exclusively on choosing the direction the price will go within a certain amount of time. Open trades with a pre-set duration and get results in as little as five seconds.


Why trade
on Fixed Time Trades?

Fun and effective

5-second trades

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What is FTT?

Fixed time trades (FTT) mode allows traders to make trades within a set time frame. If a trader correctly predicts whether an asset's price will rise or fall, they will receive a set amount of profit, indicated when opening the trade.

Fixed time trading is perfect for trading with short time frames throughout the day. The trade time frame can be set at as little as 1 minute or up to a maximum of 23 hours.

  • There are a lot of advantages to trading in Fixed Time mode on Olymp Trade.

    • Fixed profit. You know in advance how much you will earn on a trade.
    • Large selection of trading assets. You have access to stocks, crypto, indices, metals, commodities, and more.
    • Ability to use pending orders, risk-free Trades, and the cancel trade feature.
    • Access to proven Fixed Time mode trading strategies from Olymp Trade.
  • To open a trade in Fixed Time mode, just follow these 4 steps:

    1. Select the Fixed Time mode and the asset you want to trade on.
    2. Choose a trade amount.
    3. Set the time frame you want your trade to last.
    4. Forecast whether the price will rise or fall by pressing Up or Down.

    Trading in Fixed Time mode is an easy way to profit from changes in assets' prices. You can try it out on a live or free demo account.

    Join now and experience the benefits of fixed time trading on a platform designed for you!

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Transparent commissions and a safe trading environment.


Ready-to-go strategies designed especially for FTT mode.


Dozens of technical indicators and trade signals will help you mitigate risks and make your trading more efficient and precise.

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  • Fixed Time Trades (FTT) mode is one of the platform's trading modes that allows making trades of pre-set duration from five seconds up to a month. This creates room for applying fixed time trading strategies for maximum profitability.
  • Fixed time trading can be as profitable as any other trading mode. A trader's actual profit depends on their individual preferences toward making trades, applying trading strategies and their experience in trading.
  • The FTT and Forex trading modes are each designed to best fit traders' individual preferences and financial objectives.